Relieve Congestion with Lymphatic Massage

From Adie Grey MacKenzie

This time of year a lot of people have histamine responses and an increased inflammatory response to an environmental agent: pollen. They will retain fluids, feel congested, and possibly have digestion issues. Anytime people are experiencing an increased level of inflammation, their lymphatic system is overtaxed, and that is a great time to come for manual lymphatic therapy.

Lymphatic massage can really help flush the uncomfortable feeling from the head, neck, digestive system, and major joints. Typically with other kinds of massage that use kneading and cross fiber techniques, they can temporarily increase the inflammation response in that area. If your system is already overloaded, then lymphatic massage is a better fit for your body.

A lot of people are surprised at how much they enjoy the gentle work of lymphatic massage. Especially if they are used to a deeper massage, they might worry that they will be bored or find it ineffective. However, lymphatic work uses a rhythm that is deeply relaxing, and generally even people who love deep massage will also love lymphatic massage. It really brings relaxation on a deeper level because of the gentle rhythm of the treatment.

Also, because lymphatic massage does not use a high pressure, people with fibromyalgia, healing from injuries, or who have chronic conditions can tolerate this work. They do not find it uncomfortable, and the session can always be customized to best serve their body.

The purpose of lymphatic massage is to increase the body’s ability to flush itself out. It helps more directly than other forms of body work to help the body process extra fluids and reduce the amount of stagnant proteins in the lymphatic system. This makes it an excellent fit for addressing seasonal allergies, reducing congestion, and improving overall health.