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We are providers of massage and acupuncture.

We believe in the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

We offer other specialized, effective healing therapies. Learn more about these traditions.

Yoga practice for all levels and bodies is also an important component of our offerings. Learn more about where to start.


Our practice is based on the art and science of touch, interwoven with the fabric of ancient healing traditions and the philosophy that body, mind, and spirit are a unique whole. The benefits of whole-body care go far beyond relaxation and relief from muscle pain. As a partner in your wellness plan we can provide effective, natural healing tools for your well-being.

Our integrated approach to health is based on a personal relationship that builds on your strengths to increase your function. We are system-oriented, not symptom-focused.

At our practice we integrate many different modalities during the therapeutic encounter. During each session our therapists systematically collect and analyze information to best meet each client’s needs at that time. We create an atmosphere of inquiry as we evaluate each client at each visit to create a custom mix of techniques.

What are this client’s main issues? What results does this client seek? Which treatment techniques should I use? Is the client improving? Such questions allow us to create effective approaches to each of our sessions.

Many clients come to us with a specific focus – pain syndromes, movement restrictions, post injury or post surgery. Others use our practice to maintain health or prevent injury. Whatever the goals we provide an experience of relaxation, letting go, meditation, and healing.