Our Services

Our Acupuncture offerings are on hiatus while we find the right acupuncturist for our team. 


Offers treatments based on an individual’s specific health history and current situation, using acupuncture, gua sha, and possibly fire cupping to move the interconnected systems of the body toward a state of harmonious balance. This often increases vitality and energy, reduces stress, rejuvenates skin, and regulates circulatory, reproductive, and other systems.

$120 Initial Appt*

$85 Return Appt


Community Acupuncture

Is a more accessible form of acupuncture, done in a room with others receiving treatment and mostly utilizing points on the head and from the elbows and knees down. Acupuncture was traditionally done in community settings and this returns to that collective healing benefit.

Same day appts usually available, give us a call/text 615-415-0242.

$70 Initial Appt*

$35 Return Appt



*Initial Appts: You only need 1 Initial Appt at HaLe’, either with a Community Acupuncture or an Acupuncture session. After you have come once, you are set up to come to either kind of appointment when you return.

Not Sure Where to Start?

We offer 30 min Health Consultations for $30, available in person or over the phone. This is a great way to talk with a Holistic Health expert about what is going on with your body and how we can best partner with you to address it. We will help develop a treatment plan and direct you to the classes and therapies that will best support you. We have a lot of options and it can feel overwhelming sometimes to get started. Let us help you find the therapies that will deepen your health and be of greatest benefit to your mind and body.

BOOK ONLINE          $30 for 30 min