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Rocio Hernandez

Ha.Lé Bodywork Therapist


Rocio Hernandez sees each client as a unique canvas, connecting with each to create an integrated therapy massage that varies by need. Using multiple modalities, she uses different techniques in each individual session to best address the needs of the client in the moment and to treat the body as a whole.

As a Ha.Le’ Bodywork practitioner, she sees bodywork not as a luxury but as a way of connecting and healing the body, mind, and spirit.  She works with each client to develop an individualized treatment plan, including education on posture and self-care techniques to use at home.

Rocio learned the gift of giving early in life, when her grandmother told her she had a healing gift of touch. Her goal became to change lives through touch, and she graduated from massage school in 2009. Knowing how much bodywork as helped her, she wants everyone to experience that for themselves.