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Private Yoga

for 1-2 students

Personalized Yoga

Customized one on one yoga practices address each individual’s life circumstances, body type, energy level, and personalized goals in order to reduce stress, stabilize mental and emotional challenges, alleviate physical symptoms, support healing and recovery, and improve self-care. No previous yoga experience is needed.

Personalized Prenatal Yoga

Is a multifaceted approach to wellness that encourages strengthening, stretching, mental focus, centering and breath work in a one on one setting able to fully address each individual’s unique situation and needs as they move through their pregnancy.


$16/class     $140/10 classes     $125/mo unlimited     $99/mo unlimited 6 mo

Full Class Schedule

HaLé Yoga     Mon 9:30, 12:00; Tues 9:30, 12:00 & 5:30; Wed 9:30, 12:00, 5:30; Thurs 12:00; Fri 9:30, 12:00        Book Now >

HaLe’ Yoga integrates movement, breath, and awareness to connect you to yourself and cultivate health. Students at all levels will appreciate this blend of breathwork and movement as we strengthen, relax, and stretch the body and the mind. This is a practice, not a performance, so feel free to turn inwards, explore your body-mind connection, and discover new levels of practice for yourself.

Hatha Yoga      Sat 10:00-11:15 am w/Nancy Kirkland       Book Now >

Classes are aimed toward understanding the Self through proper alignment of the physical body in a wide variety of yoga postures. Yoga props are used to accommodate stiffness, pain or injury. The mind is actively engaged in making corrections to the postures so that the body and mind learn to work more efficiently. Classes will blend strength and flexibility, effort and ease, movement and stillness.

Restorative Yoga      Mon 6:00-7:15 pm w/ Susie Dendtler      Book Now >

A nurturing class to decompress the body and mind, Restorative Yoga uses props like blankets, bolsters, & blocks to bring the body into comfortable & supported Yoga poses. These poses along with attention to the breath allow us to fully relax and release layer after layer of unnecessary stress and tension to create healing in our busy, often stressful daily lives. Most of us are in constant fast forward motion. This class is a space to slow down and cultivate stillness which is essential to our overall well being.

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All of our classes are designed for students at all levels.

Our teachers are experts with modifications, so that the class fits your body instead of your body struggling to fit the class. Whether you are looking to begin a practice or deepen the practice you already have, we invite you to partner with us in caring for your body. 

Not sure where to start? We are happy to discuss your concerns and help you find the class that will best fit your body. Call 615-415-0242 or email us at