Integrative Health Care Articles

Rethinking your Body’s Stress Response

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Our stress responses are whole-bodied, which means they affect every part of our body and mind, because they come from the nervous system.

Mood, Digestion, and the Immune System

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Our mood, digestion, and immune system are interconnected, which is great news for supporting and balancing health.

Infographic: Relieve Stress and Find WellBeing

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How Ha.Le' can nourish your body and mind. Finding your way. Receive care and feel better. What we can achieve.

Integrative Medical Consults are for People like You

Integrative Medical Consults provide personalized, whole person healthcare. We put you in the center of your care.

Treating Pain from a Holistic Perspective

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A holistic, integrative approach to pain treatment works with the whole self so you feel better now and get to the source of the problem.

Qigong Series for Pain Management and Better Sleep

This is an opportunity to rejuvenate your musculoskeletal system, clear your mind and enchant your spirit.