Integrative Health Care Articles

The Difference Between Integrative and Alternative Healthcare

Integrative healthcare is safer and more effective than alternative healthcare, and it is able to work with your existing doctors. It is evidence based, very safe, and relatively inexpensive.
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The Future of Healthcare

The future of healthcare is whole bodied and personal. We are whole people, and we need healthcare that supports us as a whole.
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Whole Person Healthcare

Personalized healthcare that treats your whole person. Our evidence-based treatments complement the care of your other doctors. You are at the center of your care.
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Imagine Your Best Healthcare

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We are now accepting Aetna insurance. Ha.Le’ is your home for integrative healthcare. Integrative health is based on evidence, based on science, based on you.
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Boost Immunity through Acupuncture and Bodywork

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Acupuncture and Bodywork treatments support immune function, helping you stay healthy and build resilience against immune threats like viruses.
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The Stress of the Moment

Releasing the stress of the moment is a way to reboot our system and stay supple. The challenges we are facing are ongoing, but we don't have to always carry that stress.