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This Discomfort is Grief

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As the shape of our lives changes and we social distance in the face of the pandemic, it brings up a lot of feelings. The root of these feelings is grief, and naming it can help us manage it.
stress relief

Stress Relief for Improved Immune Function

The more stressed our bodies and minds feel, the weaker our immune system becomes. Taking action to reduce stress through integrative care is an effective way to stay healthier and help fight off viruses.
acupuncture for immune system

Acupuncture Strengthens the Immune System

Acupuncture strengthens the immune system, helping you better resist viruses like COVID-19, flu, and colds. It is a proactive way to protect your health and build resiliency.
Therapy Balls and Rollers

Therapy Balls and Rollers

Therapy balls and rollers are game-changers for self-care. Using them turns our attention from the external to our own internal sensations, and works with the body in powerful, nourishing ways.
walk of empowerment 2020

Women’s Walk of Empowerment 2020

Our 4th Annual Walk of Empowerment is building on the wisdom of our previous years, diving deeper into self-care. It is important to challenge ourselves, and it is equally important to rest, recover, and recharge afterwards. This year we are walking the Camino de Santiago and then heading to a thermal spa to explore Tuscany!

Camino de Santiago 2019: Pictures!

The Ha.Lé 2019 Walk of Empowerment on the Camino de Santiago was an amazing trip! We had a full group of 10 walkers for the first week in the mountains, and then 5 walkers continued on to the ocean for the second week.