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Ha.Le’ means Home: Dr. Brian Meyer, MD

Ha.Le' means home in Hawaiian. Ha.Le' Acupuncturist Dr. Brian Meyer, MD speaks a little about what home means to him.

Square Breathing Exercise

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This 4 min square breathing exercise helps reduce stress and anxiety. A train interrupts (oops!), creating a perfect distraction metaphor. See if you can hold the focus!

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Health and safety is our top priority! As we reopen in person appointments in addition to online appointments, here are our safety protocols.

Relaxed Eyesight Lesson for Screen Fatigue and Insomnia

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This 18 min lesson is an audio recording, because your eyes will be relaxing!

Grieving Change: Soften, Don’t Push

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In this time of distressing change, allow yourself to soften. Gift yourself with room to grieve, allowing your heart to feel all its tenderness. It helps.

This Discomfort is Grief

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As the shape of our lives changes and we social distance in the face of the pandemic, it brings up a lot of feelings. The root of these feelings is grief, and naming it can help us manage it.