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Mindful Eating at Thanksgiving

Mindful eating does not mean dieting or restrictions. Instead, it is about taking time to take it all in, sight, smell, taste, and more. It gives you a chance to slow down and really appreciate and feel gratitude for your food, your company, and your own body.

Do you know about acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy?

Acupuncture regulates and rebalances the reproductive system of women and men. It helps promote healthy ovulation and sperm count, as well as supporting positive pregnancy and birth outcomes. Acupuncture works well in conjunction with other medical treatments, and is considered very safe.


Winter Solstice Sound Bath

Gather in sound to rest and receive on the longest night of the year. We come together for 90 minutes for self-reflection on the Winter Solstice, the day of the year with the longest hours of darkness, marking the reversal of longer nights and shorter days.


Treating Anxiety for Teens

Anxiety in teens is rising, and counseling that focuses on teens and their needs is effective treatment. According to the National Institutes of Health, almost 1 in 3 adolescents ages 13-18 will experience an anxiety disorder.


Living an Aromatic Life

A hands-on course for those wanting an in-depth introduction to the world of aromatherapy. Learn how to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine safely and effectively.