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Balls + Rollers Series

Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 am Oct 8th-Nov 5th: In this series we will develop skills for connecting to what our bodies are saying.
We will root into our bones and investigate the interrelated structures. This skill building class will support your capacity to create coherency, adapt, and regulate. While we practice restorative protocols for working with damaged connective tissue, distressed conditions, and long term effects of scar tissue, we will discover what it means to be embodied.


What is Health at Every Size?

We cannot know the state of your health by looking at your weight, and the idea that we could is a misconception that does a lot of harm. Health at Every Size is a research-based set of principles that helps shift the conversation away from weight as a stand-in indicator for health and instead focuses on health enhancement and well-being regardless of body size.


Nutrition and Emotional Health

Our relationship with food is closely linked to our emotional health. Having emotions and eating are both physical events that are felt in the body, and we often try to change one by changing the other. Understanding this link allows us to cultivate an emotional relationship with food that supports our health.