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South African Wilderness Retreat

Bateleur Camp, Timbavati Game Reserve July 2020, 5 nights/6 days The ultimate wildlife and healing experience in the heart of the African wilderness. An epic outer and inner adventure for 5 nights / 6 days. Time in the wilderness to re-connect with nature is life-changing. By integrating yoga and embodiment practices, you will return home […]

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Treating Sciatica

Sciatica is pain from the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lumbar spine, through the hip, and down the leg to the foot. The pain can be felt anywhere along the path of the nerve, and can range from minor to severe. Treatment for sciatica involves working with the structures of the back and hip […]

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Relief from Plantar Fasciitis

If your feet hurt when you wake up in the morning, especially in the heel, then you probably have plantar fasciitis. It is a symptom of larger problems in how you walk, run, and stand. Though there are many ways to reduce the pain in the short term, effective treatment usually requires working with the […]

Acupuncture for Allergies

Acupuncture can be very effective for treating allergies. Instead of using daily or frequent medications to only suppress symptoms, acupuncture can help rebalance the immune system and other systems that are contributing to symptoms in the first place. Seasonal allergies can be miserable, and we tend to strongly notice the sudden change in our sense […]


Hemp Extract and CBD

Hemp extract, or CBD, is cannabidiol, which is one of the many compounds that come from the cannabis plant. It is technically legal in all 50 states, but is unregulated, which means that you can’t trust all the labels on CBD products and it is important to check into the company that produced it. It […]

Feeling Heard

Our bodies talk to us all day long, and so we are each an expert on what it means to live in the body we have. When there are health issues or goals that need support, your care providers need to prioritize listening to your experience of your own body, and then partner with you […]

The Power of Collaborative Care

Collaborative Care is a philosophy of integrative health care based on communication and working together. It is a more effective way to treat issues and reach specific health goals, because it provides a team of therapists who are actively communicating and working together for your care. The collaborative care approach takes integrative health care to […]

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Our 5 Domains of Care

We are an integrative health clinic, with 5 Domains, or pillars, of care. All of our therapies are evidence-based, which means that they are proven to be effective. We are also a collaborative practice, which means that our therapists work together for your care. We communicate with each other, and with your doctors as needed, […]