Our stress responses are whole-bodied, which means they affect every part of our body and mind, because they come from the nervous system.

Our mood, digestion, and immune system are interconnected, which is great news for supporting and balancing health.

How Ha.Le’ can nourish your body and mind. Finding your way. Receive care and feel better. What we can achieve.

Integrative Medical Consults provide personalized, whole person healthcare. We put you in the center of your care.

A holistic, integrative approach to pain treatment works with the whole self so you feel better now and get to the source of the problem.

Jaw pain and TMJ respond well to integrative healthcare treatments that are holistic and work with the full context of the jaw.

Whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping too much, integrative healthcare can help.

Headache and migraine treatment at Ha.Le’ can help, often providing quick relief. More importantly, a series of treatments can change the baseline so that you get fewer headaches and spend less time in pain.

Integrative healthcare is holistic healthcare that focuses on evidence-based treatments. They both treat each person as a whole person.

Integrative healthcare is safer and more effective than alternative healthcare, and it is able to work with your existing doctors. It is evidence based, very safe, and relatively inexpensive.