Releasing the stress of the moment is a way to reboot our system and stay supple. The challenges we are facing are ongoing, but we don’t have to always carry that stress.

The process of healing takes time because we are not mechanical or fragmented bodies. Instead, creating health is about retraining the nervous system, which adapts over a specific timeline.

A conversation with Psoas Guru Liz Koch and Janice Cathey, CEO of Ha.Le’. We discuss the terrain of uncertainty and cultivating nimbleness.

Ha.Le’ means home. Courtney Schand shares some of her thoughts on the meaning of home. 

Ha.Le’ is honored to highlight the voice and work of Resmaa Menakem, a therapist and trauma specialist who examines white body supremacy in America.

Ha.Le’ means home in Hawaiian. Ha.Le’ Bodyworker Rachell Peace speaks to what home means for her.

Ha.Le’ means home in Hawaiian. Ha.Le’ Counselor Kim Rate speaks a little about what home means to her and offers a question for reflection.

Ha.Le’ means home in Hawaiian. Ha.Le’ Acupuncturist Dr. Brian Meyer, MD speaks a little about what home means to him.

This 4 min square breathing exercise helps reduce stress and anxiety. A train interrupts (oops!), creating a perfect distraction metaphor. See if you can hold the focus!

Health and safety is our top priority! As we reopen in person appointments in addition to online appointments, here are our safety protocols.