Our health journeys are a process, and setting intentions is a powerful way to create change and transform our health. We are in relationship with our bodies and minds, always learning better ways to support ourselves as we grow and change.

Being generous with yourself is not the same as being selfish. Instead, it allows you to replenish your own spirit, so that you can be more open hearted with others. 

Using the interconnection between mind and body, Mind Body Therapy uses daily practice of simple, gentle techniques to effectively treat specific mental and physical health concerns. 

Teens and young adults are under more stress now than young people of earlier generations. Counseling can help build resilience and healthy ways to cope, supporting young people as they discover who they are and how they can do well in the world.

Mind Body Therapy is a therapeutic somatic or yoga practice, specifically designed to address your personal health goals. It can be compared to a cross between physical therapy, yoga, and meditation.

According to Dr. Mario Martinez and Biocognition, we can be wounded in three ways: Shame, Abandonment, and Betrayal. Each culture will shame, abandon, or betray you in a different way, but those are the 3 wounds.

Here’s what happens in the process that I call Becomingness. There are three things that we put out there that we misunderstand and think that they are being given to us rather than we are projecting them out: Joy, Belonging, and Companionship.

Biocognitive science is based on research that demonstrates how thoughts and their biological expression co-emerge within a cultural history. Individuals are seen as an inseparable bioinformational field of mind, body, and cultural history in constant search for contextual meaning.

Low back pain treatments work with soft tissues and the nervous system to correct imbalances and address dysfunction. Bodywork, acupuncture, counseling, and somatics are all effective, and can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan to address the specific causes of your low back pain.

We have good news: 

New Website! We have upgraded to a shiny new website and are very excited to share. Learn more about Dr. Birdee, see our upcoming Ha.Lé Adventures, and sign up for our next Men’s Series with Jane House. Please let us know what you think. 

No More Sales Tax on Classes! The TN State Legislature saw the error of adding sales tax to fitness and wellness classes and fixed it within one year, which is really fast for government. Sales tax no longer applies to classes and workshops at Ha.Lé. We applaud the democracy in action that brought this legislation into law and increased everyone’s access to health and wellness. 

Janice is teaching a LOT more classes this summer! 

Janice’s Movement classes incorporate balls and rollers to release tension, restore function, and reduce pain. Students are finding them to be a remarkable experience they are eager to add to their practice, and so Janice is stepping in to teach even more classes as other teachers travel this summer. 

Janice will be teaching: 

Saturdays 8:30: July 13, July 20, July 27, Aug 3

Wednesdays 9:30: July 17, July 24, July 31

Thursdays 9:30: July 18, July 25, Aug 1, Aug 8, Aug 15

Mondays 9:30:  July 22, July 29

When in doubt, you can always check the schedule page of our website!