We have good news: 

New Website! We have upgraded to a shiny new website and are very excited to share. Learn more about Dr. Birdee, see our upcoming Ha.Lé Adventures, and sign up for our next Men’s Series with Jane House. Please let us know what you think. 

No More Sales Tax on Classes! The TN State Legislature saw the error of adding sales tax to fitness and wellness classes and fixed it within one year, which is really fast for government. Sales tax no longer applies to classes and workshops at Ha.Lé. We applaud the democracy in action that brought this legislation into law and increased everyone’s access to health and wellness. 

Janice is teaching a LOT more classes this summer! 

Janice’s Movement classes incorporate balls and rollers to release tension, restore function, and reduce pain. Students are finding them to be a remarkable experience they are eager to add to their practice, and so Janice is stepping in to teach even more classes as other teachers travel this summer. 

Janice will be teaching: 

Saturdays 8:30: July 13, July 20, July 27, Aug 3

Wednesdays 9:30: July 17, July 24, July 31

Thursdays 9:30: July 18, July 25, Aug 1, Aug 8, Aug 15

Mondays 9:30:  July 22, July 29

When in doubt, you can always check the schedule page of our website!

Ha.Lé means home. Home is a place of comfort and safety, where we nourish ourselves, rest deeply, and heal from injury and illness.

Our bodies talk to us all day long, and so we are each an expert on what it means to live in the body we have. When there are health issues or goals that need support, your care providers need to prioritize listening to your experience of your own body, and then partner with you in your care.

Because our bodies and minds are really one system, not two separate parts, is especially important for our health care providers to help us feel heard about our experience. They need to be able to interact with our whole selves, and demonstrate emotional literacy as we describe our pain, concerns, or optimal health goals. This builds trust and rapport, and makes treatment more effective.

At Ha.Lé, we always begin with a conversation. Our Medical Consults are an opportunity to spend an hour talking with an expert physician about your health, so that we know how best to support and treat you. Our therapies also begin with a conversation about how you are feeling and how we can support you, and then each treatment is a continuation of that conversation, as your therapists collaborate together for your best care.

Our health care is more effective when we feel heard. When our experience of living in our bodies is fully acknowledged by our providers, then we are able to more fully trust the care we receive, and to be more open to receiving it.

Collaborative Care is a philosophy of integrative health care based on communication and working together. It is a more effective way to treat issues and reach specific health goals, because it provides a team of therapists who are actively communicating and working together for your care.

The collaborative care approach takes integrative health care to the next level. By themselves, each of our 5 domains of care–acupuncture, bodywork, counseling, nutrition, and somatics–are evidence-based and effective. When combined through collaboration, they become even more effective! For example, when your acupuncturist is working with your bodyworker and your counselor, and they have all checked in with your somatics instructor, they are able to pool their expertise in order to really focus on what will best support your health.

Each of our 5 domains of care are designed to complement each other, building together to create health. This is why we create treatment plans, to outline which therapies and how often you should receive them in order to move toward your health goals. The therapist you see for a first appointment can create that plan with you, or you can create it through a medical consult.

Our medical consults are offered by an M.D. with deep expertise in the latest research into the effectiveness of integrative care. They are a great option when your health situation is a bit complicated, if you have a lot of medications to take into consideration, or you feel that you’ve had trouble finding a doctor who will listen to you. After your medical consult, the M.D. will lead the collaborative care process with your therapists, as well as communicate with your other doctors about your care.

Collaborative Care is a game changer for creating health. It allows every treatment to build on the one before, across treatment modalities and among different therapists. Through collaboration, your treatment team is able to more effectively address your health issues and support your health goals.