COVID-19 Safety Measures

We are doing a phased re-opening with health and safety as our top priority. In Phase 1, we provide in person appointments for Medical Consults, Acupuncture, Counseling, and Nutrition. For Phase 2, we add Bodywork. Phase 3 will include in person somatics classes. 

We ask all clients to wear cloth masks and wash their hands when they come in the door. If you are having symptoms, please either cancel or change to an online appointment, even if it is short notice. 

All our providers will also be masked, symptom free, and will observe thorough handwashing and sanitizing protocols. 

We will be operating with a virtual front desk. Payments will all be in advance or through a card on file, and we will call you after your appointment to take care of rescheduling, discuss treatment options, and answer other questions. 

We will also be spacing appointments in order to minimize the number of people in the reception area. Please arrive on time, and if you are more than 5 min early, wait in your car until your appointment time. 

Online Appointments for Medical Consults, Counseling, and Nutrition are all still available. 

We will resume Bodywork appointments when it is considered safe to do so. 

Somatics is now happening all online, through group classes and one on one Mind Body Ball Work. 

We look forward to continuing to support the health of your mind and body in the face of these widespread health challenges. We miss you all!