Self-Care Saturdays

September 8 - 22 2018
Saturdays 12:00-2:00

Self care requires a paradigm shift from outsourcing your health to taking matters into your own hands – making wellness an inside job.

There is no one way to get where you want to go and no system that can replace the wisdom of your subtle self so we use a variety of tools and techniques from yoga, breathing and Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) to help you become more aware and more sustainable in your body no matter what you do or how you use it.
The Self-Care Saturdays are a great complement to your current PT, self-care and movement practice, or exercise routine as the classes help you get underneath your compensatory habits and imbalances to recover from injury and / or to improve posture and increase the efficiency in your body mechanics so that you bring new awareness into all activities.
These Saturdays change from week to week. And while thematic, focused, and internal, the format is clinic-style and participants’ issues often provide new or deeper content.

Workshops and classes are open to all levels and no prior experience is necessary. Please pre-register.


$40 per class$110 for all 3 Saturdays

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