What is integrative health?

Integrative health values the role of biological, psychological, and social factors for wellbeing to improve physical and mental functioning. When coupled with conventional medical therapies, it:

  • Improves health outcomes
  • Increases individual resilience
  • Optimizes healthy behaviors
  • Empowers patients
  • Encourages healthier lifestyles
  • Supports coping with illness


What do we provide?

We provide exceptional integrative therapies to adult and pediatric patients in consultation with an expert physician in integrative health.

Generally, patients have access to many unconventional therapies for their health, and many of those therapies may not be effective or safe. Ha.Lé is committed to offering effective, evidence-based treatment.

Dr. Birdee, a physician scientist, has researched the evidence of integrative therapies for over a decade.

Dr. Birdee is a board certified physician in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He completed a clinical research fellow in Integrative Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and was faculty at Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he directed research in Integrative Medicine. He was funded by the National Institute of Health to perform research in the clinical efficacy and mechanisms of integrative modalities.

Dr. Birdee provides consultations to patients on integrative health that align with their conventional health care providers.

During visits, Dr. Birdee will review the patient’s medical history, current treatments, and health goals. He will provide an integrative treatment plan that will incorporate integrative modalities alongside the conventional care being received. Treatment plans and patient updates are provided to the patients’ physicians.


What do we not provide?

Integrative consultations do not replace the conventional care provided by patients’ primary care or specialty physicians. Dr. Birdee will not prescribe medications to any patients during integrative consultations. We advocate for patients to continue and seek routine healthcare under the direction of their physicians. Our goal is for patients to be more engaged in their personal health which includes ongoing preventative and regular health assessments from their physicians.


How does it work?

Step 1: Medical Consultation with Dr. Birdee

Step 2: Patient receives integrative treatment plan from Dr. Birdee, including specific timelines and expectations for care.

Step 3: Patient is scheduled for treatments. Scheduling is available in person, over the phone, by email, text, or through the Ha.Lé website or app.

Step 4: All treatment sessions are documented, and we will communicate with patients’ physicians about progress and care as needed.


What conditions do integrative medicine help with?

Integrative health can be helpful for various conditions or health goals including:

  • Chronic health conditions that reduce physical function

such as back pain, neck pain, inflammatory or autoimmune conditions, or joint pain.

  • Chronic pain conditions

such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines and headaches.

  • Medical conditions with co-existing mental health problems

such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and insomnia or chronic fatigue.

  • Optimal health goals

such as more complete nutrition, improved athletic performance, improved emotional wellbeing, cognitive function, and healthy aging.


The 5 Domains of Care at Ha.Lé

1. Bodywork: Evidence-based massage treatment for health.

Techniques: Blend of ashiatsu, neuromuscular, myofascial release, structural integration, cupping therapy, and sports massage

Benefits of bodywork include:

      • Decreasing muscular tension
      • Improving physical mobility, motor control, and postural balance
      • Support tissue healing including edema, bruising, and scar tissue
      • Reduce stress
      • Increase positive affect
      • Enhance sensory awareness and mindfulness


2. Somatics: Movement-based therapies

Techniques derived from: yoga, t’ai chi, qigong, Feldenkrais, and body rolling.

Benefits of Somatics include:

      • Improve functional movement
      • Pain reduction
      • Relaxation
      • Increased body awareness
      • Health maintenance and injury prevention


3. Acupuncture: Stimulates points on the body to regulate systems and address dysfunction.

Techniques used: needling, cupping, tui na, and herbal supplement formulas.

Acupuncture treatments:

      • Increase relaxation and positive affect
      • Reduce acute and chronic pain
      • Improve sleep
      • Regulate physiological systems including digestion, cardiovascular, and endocrine


4. Nutrition: Guidance on eating from integrative perspective focusing not only on quantity, but also quality of food for nourishment and psychosocial relationship to eating.

Treatment Focus includes: education on nourishing foods, diets for specific health conditions and goals, and mindful eating.

Nutrition helps:

      • Support nourishment for chronic health conditions
      • Reduce inflammation
      • Improve cognitive performance
      • Increase energy and vitality
      • Maladaptive eating behaviors
      • Maintain a healthy weight


5. Counseling: Mental and emotional solutions incorporating psychotherapy, mindfulness-based practices, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Populations: children, adolescents, young adults, and adults, as individuals, couples, and families.

Counseling treats:

      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Addiction
      • Trauma
      • Grief
      • LGBTQ issues


Want to learn more about evidence-based integrative medicine?

Dr. Gurjeet Birdee provides lectures on the evidence for and application of integrative health for your practice. Contact Ha.Lé for pricing and availability.