CEO & Founder

Complementary therapy has been essential to Janice’s life and has been a part of her upbringing: her great-grandfather was a Chinese medicine man; her mother practiced healing traditions in their home. Her education has been a combination of experience, incredible training, rote formulae, extraordinary teachers, and luck. She trained at the Institute of Therapeutic Massage and Movement, where her passion for the healing arts started to take shape. She went on to study Watsu with Minakshi, adaptive water therapy with Peggy Schrodinger PT, Chinese Medicine at Jung Tao with Dr. Marshall, trained with Master Shinzo, and studied ear acupuncture at Yale University.

Throughout her life as a teacher and therapist she has found integration of complementary medicine like massage techniques, acupuncture, meditation, water therapies, yoga, and energy-based practices to be profoundly effective tools for health and healing.
Janice welcomes each of you to the art and science of our practice at Ha.Le’. May we all continue to heal.