Ha.Lé Counseling & Relationship Counseling

Janice has a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work and over 30 years experience in psychotherapy. She directed a non-profit therapy practice for 15 years and then moved into private practice with adults, focusing on support for those recovering from loss and addiction, from relationship/marriage adversity, and from anxiety and depression. She also helps others navigate life transitions, including work/life balance, marriage/divorce/remarriage, and health and aging.

Janice emphasizes “starting where the client is,” and utilizes wholistic, integrative approaches, cognitive-behavioral concepts, yoga for trauma techniques, and mindfulness principles to help people heal. She helps people better understand the shaping influences of their pasts, unresolved issues and important beliefs /needs which may be surfacing in the present, and possibilities for the future of growing and transforming selfhood and important relationships.

Our capacity for relationship connection, positive growth, courageous change, and life transformation never ceases to amaze and inspire her, and she appreciates the opportunity to be a part of that journey with others.