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Katherine Correa

Breema Therapist and Instructor


Katherine Correa is a Licenced Massage therapist in the state of TN, Certified Breema Practitioner, completed a Feldenkrais Practitioner® program, and has maintained a bodywork practice since graduating from the San Francisco School of Massage in 1986. She earned certification to practice Breema® Bodywork in 1989, Feldenkrais® in 1994, and to teach Breema in 1991. She is currently studying Orthobionomy and communication ceremonies.

Katherine was a faculty instructor at Nashville’s Natural health Institute for 8 years and has been teaching Breema to massage therapists, and the public since 1994. The most active Breema instructor in the South, she has also taught throughout the region, at the Breema Center, and in Germany. Her classes are playful and fun, as well as effective in demonstrating and teaching the practice and principles of her work. Katherine continues her studies of Breema,Feldenkrais and somatic education. She has been teaching somatic education classes for many years.

Her background includes extensive self study of the work of Byron Katie – a simple process for clarity and peace of mind.