• MindBody Biocognition

    Our mind and our body are deeply interconnected, and we can work with that unity to shed outworn patterns and create sustainable change.

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Dr. Mario Martinez

Change isn’t something your mind can accomplish alone, and so you cannot think your way to a better life. Instead, we need mind and body to work together in a deeper unity. Neuropsychologist Mario Martinez is a pioneer in the science of the mindbody – his term for that essential oneness of cognition and biology- and a passionate advocate for its power to reshape our lives.

Dr. Martinez is a US licensed clinical psychologist providing experiential lessons using breath, movement, and contemplative imagery in a mentor-student relationship.

As a wellness student, you can:

Explore the cultural conditions that coauthor our reality and shape every aspect of our lives, from health and longevity to relationships and self-esteem.

Learn practical tools you can use to shed outworn patterns and create sustainable change.

Experience a paradigm shift in which the myths of doom are shattered by the science of hope, survival takes a backseat to meaning, and fear gives way to love.

Understand how acquired illnesses have a learned component that can be changed to trigger healing and maintain wellness.


$300 MindBody Biocognition

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