Somatics classes at Ha.Lé provide a foundation of self-care.

Our classes focus first on body and breath awareness. This helps re-train movement patterns to correct imbalances, ease discomfort, relieve stress, and increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

In many ways, gentle is the new advanced. Slower, more deliberate movement classes are able to incorporate more of the benefits of mindfulness and neuroplasticity. Because of this gentleness, it is also accessible to a wider range of students. Do not mistake it for easy, but know that it creates space for a wide range of bodies, ages, and levels of experience. Beginners and experienced practitioners alike are welcome in all of our classes.

Class schedule

What to Wear & What to Bring:
Wear comfortable clothes you can stretch in; sweats and a t-shirt work fine! Be prepared to take off your shoes for class. We provide mats and props, though you are always welcome to bring your own.

Private Somatics

One on one sessions that work with where you are today and are able to address any specific health goals or concerns you bring to practice. 

Ha.Lé Class Pricing

COVID-19 Stress Relief

Online classes $10

Existing class packages will cover online classes. 

$16 for One Class

New Student Special! 3 Classes for $30 (online purchase only)

$75 for 5 Classes ($15/class)
$140 for 10 Classes ($14/class)

$125 for 1 Mo Unlimited Classes
$99/mo for 6 Mos Unlimited Classes

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