The Three Pillars of Becomingness

A technique to apply when you’re in paradise and in beautiful places. What you want to remember in beautiful places is how to recall the self so you can truly enjoy and truly be present in the beautiful place (or a terrible place, it doesn’t matter). 

Here’s what happens in the process that I call Becomingness. There are three things that we put out there that we misunderstand and think that they are being given to us rather than we are projecting them out. 

  1. Joy: we put out our joy and then think that things and people give us joy
  2. Belongingness: we feel that we belong when we’re in the right place or with the right person
  3. Companionship: we feel a sense of companionship when we’re with a particular person

What I want to do is bring back those 3 components of self to increase the sense of becoming. 

First, you look at Joy and say, “I am my Joy. I am my joy.” And then experience your body when you say that. If there is a little reluctance at first, don’t worry about it. “I am my joy.” Go back and embody it; embody the experience of you being your joy. 

Next, you go to Belongingness. Say, “I belong here. I belong in this place, and I belong anywhere I go. My Belongingness is mine.” And experience your body as you say that. Again, if you have a little bit of reluctance or a little bit of objection, do it again until your body accepts the experience of you belonging. You belong here, wherever you are. 

The third is very important and a little more difficult: Companionship. Say, “I am my companion. I am my companion.” And experience your body as you say it. 

Experience what it feels like to be your Joy, to Belong where you are, and to be your Companion. As you do that, you are coming closer and closer to your Becomingness, which is something you never reach, you always experience the process rather than the goal.